There’s something about Kate’s work which goes beyond mere physical training. It begins to touch on a deeper embodiment, an acceptance of oneself within this body. It’s about empowerment. You will leave a Kate Sagovsky workshop with your awareness refined, and a renewed joy in your own movement, feeling empowered as well as embodied.” 

–Lloyd Ryan Thomas

Kate works as a consultant, offering specialist training both to actors/theatre-makers and to those working in leadership positions in a wide range of other industries. This includes:

one-to-one tailored sessions | group sessions | intensive courses | extended courses.

Her practice draws on a wide range of practical techniques to help participants grow in confidence, finding new ways of expressing themselves and moving beyond their previously felt limitations. Her sessions give access to a set of simple tools which can be implemented immediately to create fundamental and long-lasting change in how you perceive yourself, communicate with others, and act within the world.

Specialist Areas for the Theatre-Maker include:

Movement Fundamentals | Character Transformation | Laban’s Efforts in Action | Embodying Text | Working with Classical Text (Shakespeare) | Embodying Physical Codes (Age, Gender, Period Etiquette, etc.) | Chorus Work | Collaborative and Devised Theatre | Understanding Movement for Directors | Storytelling through Space 

Specialist Areas for other Industries include:

Recognising and releasing physical inhibition | Working on impulse and trusting your instincts | Building understanding without words | Learning to Trust | Leading a group | Creating a safe-space | Unlocking the power of language | Finding ease in pitching and presenting 

 “Working with Kate was a defining moment in my acting training. It also was an incredible step forward for me personally. We worked on shedding the fear of being wrong, of being judged. She urged me to take risks in my work and in my life, to not be afraid to jump off the cliff and see what happens. I am forever grateful for the training I received because I have become fearless in many aspects of my life. I am not afraid to be myself unapologetically. Having this realization created space for me in my acting work to try new things and push myself physically and mentally. I was able to access new and scary parts of my emotional life through simple physical cues, and that made me feel like I could do anything. That is an incredible attitude to have and now I try to bring that to every project I work on.” – Nicole Spinnier 

Kate’s work taught me that to trust my body I have to know it, and not force or control it so much as listen. Kate’s work was great for me because it was a series of exercises, practices and concepts I could physicalize: things I could practice everyday until I felt and saw myself connecting to them. I could really get out of my mind and into my body, and whatsmore, I felt like I could own my journey. This, I think, is what the greatest teachers do: they provide you with work that you can own and practice and weave into your life. In my daily life, outside of my acting work, I also use Kate’s work. I think all people deserve to take a course that teaches them more about their body, and puts them in tune with it. Whether you are an artist or not, physical expression is something that can bring you great joy and make you feel more alive and connected to yourself and the world.” – Aubrey Seader

“Kate Sagovsky’s work is inherently compassionate, explorative and transformative. She has an extraordinary talent for creating a positively cushioned space within which I have both experienced and witnessed others experiencing massive shifts in perspective, particularly in regard to self-assigned restrictions. The discoveries I made when exploring with her have stayed with me both in my creative work and my understanding of myself. Working with Kate helped me to confront, challenge and overcome a variety of personal fears, whilst also equipping me with the skills to continue to stretch and open myself up both as a performer and as a person.” – Claire Marcie Wilson

“The prospect of participating in a two week workshop with new people and focusing on ‘movement’ was very daunting to me. But from the very first half hour of the very first session with Kate I trusted her to lead me and care for me in the process. Kate has a way of talking plainly and directly to everyone in the room, so you know where you stand which made me less anxious. Kate is also easy to approach and clear with her goals and instructions. What has stayed with me most from the sessions has been an awareness of, and kindness towards, one’s body and mind. And how being sensitive to your own needs and not having to fight with yourself and your demons all the time really helps you to connect and understand yourself and others.” – Davina Leonard

When I first started the movement class, I was unaware of how much I wasn’t in control of my body. From the first class where all Kate did was adjust my pelvis and help redirect positioning of some joints, I could feel the difference in the way I walked, the power of my voice, and even my level of self-confidence began to rise. Every class after that was an incredible learning experience where I learned so much about not just my own body, but about my surroundings and of the power and influence of which I am capable. To this day I am always reminded of what I am capable of as an actor, an artist, and a human being… and for me it all started with that class.” – Jerry Sanchez

Class with Kate was something more than a movement class for actors.  Her work penetrated something deeper within me. I became more aware of my body, my physical self, and the way I approach the world around me.  This is essential for an actor.  For a person, actually. 
I’m more open, more generous, and more conscious of myself because of this class and because of Kate as a teacher.” – Clea DeCrane